HiLife Neck Brace Tourmaline
HiLife Neck Brace Tourmaline

HiLife Neck Brace Tourmaline

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Relieve neck muscle pain, prevent neck spasms and promote healing of neck injuries with the HiLife tourmaline Magnetic Heated Neck Support

Our neck support is made from soft nylon and neoprene with Velcro straps. It contains magnets, provides compression, and heats up to help relieve pain and promote healing of neck injuries.

How the HiLife Neck Brace Works

Our neck support provides heat and compression to stimulate blood circulation in the neck and shoulders. This brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and removes toxins to assist healing of muscle injuries.

The magnets contained within the HiLife Neck Brace create magnetic fields that block the positively charged pain impulses sent from an aching neck to the brain. This provides effective relief from pain and discomfort caused by neck muscle strains and injuries.

How the HiLife Neck Brace Can Help You

Our neck brace can be used to relieve muscle tension and relax/prevent neck muscle spasms. It is ideal for the rehabilitation of injuries, as it provides support and aids the healing of neck injuries. Use of this brace can also enhance your immunity and improve your sleep quality.

What If I Can't Feel Any Heat?

The magnets should feel warm after use but not prior to use. Tourmaline is a natural gemstone and, combined with the magnets inside the neck support, causes increased circulation to the area. This heats the magnets and the support should feel slightly warm after use. Once the neck support has been left on the neck for around 20 minutes, you should notice that the area and support both begin to warm up. 



  • Do not use the HiLife Neck Brace if you wear a pacemaker or electromechanical prosthesis since magnets may cause electrical interference in these devices.
  • Do not place the HiLife Neck Brace on open wounds, eyes, or highly sensitive parts of your neck.
  • If you have sensitive skin, try the product for 5-10 minutes and monitor your skin to see how it reacts. To minimize the risk of skin burns, remove the HiLife Neck Brace if the heat becomes too intense. You can also apply milk on affected area, which will instantly dissipate the heat.
  • Placing water on your skin within one hour after removing the HiLife Neck Brace will bring back the heat sensation.

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